Yanan, Shaanxi




Rongmin Holding Group Co., Ltd



Design Period

2019 ~ 2020

Design Team

LIU ben Studio

This project is located in Yan'an New District. According to the plan of the new district, Yan'an Convention Center will be created as a new urban landmark along the main axis of urban development. A star-level hotel cluster will be built around the convention center. After the completion of the project, a supporting cluster of conferences, hotels, tourism, exhibitions and new city government affairs will be formed.

The project is next to Taoshu Mountain in the north and adjacent to the administrative center in the south. In the northernmost part of the main axis of the city, the convention center is the most important single building in this case. In the design, the urban axis is continued and the convention center is arranged on the axis. A five-star hotel is arranged on the west side of the convention center and two four-star hotels are arranged on the east side. The hotels draw lessons from the layout of traditional Chinese architecture, using courtyard layout. With north-south penetration as the main axis, from the south to the north, the hotel buildings are continuously progressive, step by step, and create a dignified space pattern through entrance square, open space, green courtyard setting.

The facade of the convention center is in the form of a pitched roof, surrounded by a colonnade. The first floor is with a base with arch elements extracted from Yan'an cave elements. And the upper part is equipped with a glass curtain wall to ensure indoor transparency. Its roof simplifies the elements of dougong (a system of bracket) in ancient Chinese buildings, realizing the combination of traditional elements and modern techniques.The facade of the hotel adopts the form of sloping roof. Its material is mainly stone, combining aluminum plate and glass. The first floor adopts the form of the arch element of the conference center, making the whole building group coordinated and unified.